About Us

EFROM DIGITAL’s aim is to create the world’s best blockchain platform DAEFROM

DAEFROM is developing as a stable Proof of Work platformon Ethereum and custom features, the main product is the DAE coin. . Born in the crypto spring of 2022.

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Why Choose US

Expert Management

Let our team of experts analyze and evaluate the state of your assets and work with you to better meet the real needs of your crypto bussiness.

Secure Transfers

That means that your transfers funds from/to the DAE Money farming platform is processing manually base on Four eyes principle

Registered Company

EFROM DIGITAL is registered business company in Republic of Seychelles with Executive and R&D office in EU.

Farming Plan


1.00 %

Every week

Min 1,000.00 DAE


Max 5,000.00 DAE
  • For 4 Times
  • Capital Back YES


2.00 %

Every week

Min 200,000.00 DAE


Max 400,000.00 DAE
  • For 12 Times
  • Capital Back YES


3.00 %

Every week

Min 500,000.00 DAE


Max 10,000,000.00 DAE
  • For 24 Times
  • Capital Back YES

Angel Michael

5.00 %

Every Month

100,000.00 DAE
  • For 1 Times
  • You need to have purchased DAE coins for this plan
  • Capital Back YES
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Angel Gabriel

16.00 %

Every 3 Month

200,000.00 DAE
  • For 1 Times
  • You need to have purchased DAE coins for this plan
  • Capital Back YES
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Angel Raphael

33.00 %

Every 6 Month

300,000.00 DAE
  • For 1 Times
  • You need to have purchased DAE coins for this plan
  • Capital Back YES
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How It Work

Create Account

Buy DAE, or use mined DAE coins and Follow a simple sign up procedure at our website REGISTER

Choose Plan

Choose a farming plan according to your opinion and possibilities, then make a deposit.

Get Profit

Wait for finishing your plan and withdraw profits to your DAE wallet on automated mode defined in your account


The order of withdrawal of funds is as follows: login to your personal account, get to ‘Withdraw funds’ section, choose the payment system you have funds in, put in a required amount, and confirm the operation.

No, EFROM Dgital Ltd doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees. Rest assured, we don’t have any other hidden fees either.

Registration and creation of personal accounts is free of charge for any user.

We do not require any verification documents confirming the identity. KYC procedure is carried out by our partners when you buy a large amount of crypto assets.

There are no limits for a number of deposits in our project. It is up to individual customer to decide depending on his/her wishes, goals and financial capacities.

Our technical support works 24/7. You can contact our support personnel any moment.

Recent Transaction

Username Date Amount
pontin 2022-12-31 2,000.00 DAE
Whinny 2022-12-30 2,516.68 DAE
Aincrad 2022-12-28 2,576.37 DAE
trung 2022-12-28 1,200.00 DAE
makcumyc82 2022-12-28 1,168.00 DAE
sanitizer 2022-12-26 1,624.00 DAE
Jake 2022-12-23 1,560.00 DAE
majo07 2022-12-23 5,000.00 DAE
a97099441 2022-12-20 1,000.00 DAE
yenoM 2022-12-20 1,362.00 DAE
Name Date Amount
Aincrad27 2023-03-03 2,685.00 DAE
majo07 2023-02-21 30,426.00 DAE
a97099441 2023-02-08 1,040.00 DAE
ImExtron 2023-02-05 1,040.00 DAE
Exory2 2023-02-05 1,041.00 DAE
Exory 2023-02-05 5,250.00 DAE
maxremus 2023-02-02 2,443.20 DAE
yenoM 2023-02-02 1,417.00 DAE
pontin 2023-01-31 2,081.00 DAE
makcumyc82 2023-01-30 205.00 DAE

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